Netanyahu says strong relationship with Biden

Israel’s prime minister has rejected suggestions that the US leader has deliberately not called him since taking office on January 20

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday acknowledged the existence of differences with President Biden on the Iranian and Palestinian issues, but noted that he has a “very strong” working relationship with the American leader..

The White House on Friday rejected accusations that Biden neglected Netanyahu’s communication by not including him in the first series of phone calls to foreign leaders since taking office on January 20..

Netanyahu dismissed any suggestion that Biden deliberately did not call him, telling Israel’s Channel 12, “He will call …Netanyahu says strong relationship with Biden We have had very strong friendships for almost 40 years, since the time when I came to Washington as an Israeli diplomatic representative and he was a young senator from Delaware. “.

Some observers have suggested that Joe Biden is similarly displeasing Netanyahu’s close ties to former President Trump, who called the Israeli prime minister two days after his 2017 inauguration..

“There are a number of issues on which we agree, and our alliance is very strong,” Netanyahu said..Netanyahu says strong relationship with Biden “However, there is also disagreement on the Iranian issue as well as the Palestinian issue.”.

A challenge to the alliance between Washington and Jerusalem could be the restoration of the United States of its participation in the nuclear deal with Iran, which Trump abandoned, and oppose the construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, where the Palestinians seek to proclaim their state. On Friday, the White House said that Biden and Netanyahu would soon have a phone call, but did not give a specific date..

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