New Coronavirus Strain Discovered in California

New coronavirus strain discovered in California and Colorado could be more contagious

New Coronavirus Strain Discovered in California

Scientists have concluded that he &# 171; very contagious&# 187;

A new strain of coronavirus found in southern California, which is currently one of the main foci of the epidemic in the United States.

One of the largest nonprofit medical science centers in the United States, Cedars-Sinai, said its researchers examined samples of the virus from 192 patients at its Los Angeles hospital and more than 4,000 samples from various locations in southern California in November. -December.

New strain found in 36 percent of samples in Los Angeles and 24 percent of samples in the wider region.

Cedars-Sinai said the new variant is “considered highly contagious,” although researchers have not concluded that it is more deadly than other forms of coronavirus.

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