NYT: China and Russia wiretapped Trump’s phone calls

Spies are listening to Trump’s phone calls, NYT reports

New York Times sources claim president continues to use unsecured communications despite warnings from aides

When President Trump calls his old friends on one of his iPhones, he is often overheard by Chinese spies, according to US intelligence..

The New York Times writes about it.

Citing unnamed current and former U.S. officials, the newspaper notes that Trump aides have repeatedly warned him that his cell phone calls are not secure..NYT: China and Russia wiretapped Trump's phone calls They also told him that Russian spies regularly eavesdrop on his conversations..

Still, aides say the president is still sticking to his iPhones. White House officials say they can only hope that he will not discuss classified information during such conversations..

According to them, American intelligence found out that China and Russia are listening to the president’s cell phone calls. According to the New York Times, this became known thanks to sources in foreign governments and the interception of messages exchanged by foreign officials..

The newspaper’s sources said they also found that China was trying to use information from the intercepted calls to prevent a further escalation of the trade war with the United States. To do this, they are trying to study Trump’s way of thinking, to understand what arguments can influence him and to whom he tends to listen, the newspaper notes..

This can be seen as some kind of amalgamation of lobbying and espionage: the Chinese side compiles a list of people with whom Trump regularly contacts in the hope of using them to influence the president, according to New York Times sources..

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