Oleg Kashin: “A massive layer of active citizens has formed in Russia”

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Popular blogger and journalist spoke in New York as a Paul Khlebnikov Foundation Fellow

Oleg Kashin, special correspondent for the Kommersant newspaper and popular blogger, speaking at Columbia University in New York, said that the gap between the revitalized civil society in Russia and the government would only widen as long as Vladimir Putin was president of the country..Oleg Kashin:'A massive layer of active citizens has formed in Russia' “I think the border between society and power will continue to be built,” he said in an interview with the Russian service of the Voice of America. “This crack is already growing, and I think the longer Putin is in power, the more autonomous people and government will live from each other”.

Kashin added that “building an alternative, public vertical can be fatal for the authorities when people understand that there are many of them, and not they depend on the authorities, but the authorities on them.” “If this movement continues to grow, then Putin may not sit out until the end of his term,” he said. However, he admitted how to achieve this, while no one in the opposition knows, “but everyone is thinking about it.”.

Kashin arrived in New York as a Fellow of the Paul Khlebnikov Foundation, supporting talented journalists and civil society in Russia. The son of Russian emigrants, American journalist Paul Khlebnikov was killed in Moscow in July 2004.

Oleg Kashin was severely beaten in the Russian capital in November 2010, with fractures of his legs, upper and lower jaws, and a concussion. In New York, he will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with experts from the Harriman Institute at Columbia University and journalists from The New York Times and other publications..

In an interview with Voice of America, Oleg Kashin spoke about his vision of the protest movement.

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