Paramount has withdrawn from the show the series “Police”

New episodes canceled due to protests following George Floyd’s death

The American cable TV channel Paramount Network has officially announced the termination of the broadcast and further filming of the television series “Police Officers” (COPS), the first season of which aired in 1989. This is due to the massive protests, the participants of which spoke out against police brutality after the death of George Floyd during his detention in Minnesota.

Variety magazine announced the termination of the show four days ago, but the TV channel officially confirmed this information only on Tuesday, writes Reuters.

“The Cops are not on the Paramount Network’s program, and we have no current or future plans to bring them back,” a spokesman for the channel said..

The first season of “Cops” aired on Fox in 1989.Paramount has withdrawn from the show the series'Police' Recently, the creators of a documentary series about the everyday life of American police officers have been criticized for their positive view of the work of law enforcement officers and the techniques used by the heroes of the “Police”.

The series was at the center of the Runner from the Cops podcast, the author of which talked about how the show is actually filmed.Paramount has withdrawn from the show the series'Police' The podcast claims that the authors of the series allow police officers to edit and delete anything that could negatively affect the image of the police..

Fox was aired on Fox every Saturday for 14 years, making it the longest running TV series in the channel’s history. In 2013, the series was bought over by Spike TV, later renamed Paramount Network. Each 30-minute episode was devoted to a real case from police practice, the series featured acting police officers investigating crimes.

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