Partial recount in Wisconsin widens Biden’s lead

Election workers finish recounting ballots in Milwaukee County, WI, resulting in wider Biden lead

A recount of 460,000 votes added 257 votes to Joe Biden, 125 to Donald Trump

The recount in Wisconsin’s largest county, held at the request of President Donald Trump’s campaign, ended Friday. As a result, Joe Biden widened his lead over Trump.

In Milwaukee County, about 460 thousand voters voted. As a result of the recount, 257 votes were added to Biden’s piggy bank, Trump – 125.Partial recount in Wisconsin widens Biden's lead Biden was declared the winner of the election in Wisconsin – he bypassed Trump by more than 20 thousand votes.

Trump’s headquarters demanded a recount in the two most populous counties, mostly supporting Democrats.Partial recount in Wisconsin widens Biden's lead Trump’s headquarters paid $ 3 million for the recount. Second District Recount – Dane – Due Sunday.

The Trump campaign is expected to file a lawsuit to challenge the statewide election results. However, there is little time left for that: Wisconsin plans to certify the results of Tuesday’s presidential election..

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