Piano sounds – in the hospital

After her husband’s death, pianist Serlyn Rose decided to play at the Washington hospital for patients and doctors.


Every year, on the fourth Thursday in November, Americans gather at the banquet table to celebrate Thanksgiving. One of the traditions of the holiday is charity. Our next story is about the pianist Serlene Rose, who, after losing her husband, began performing music in local hospitals – this is how she dealt with pain. Gradually, Rose’s impromptu concerts became a source of joy, both for herself and for those who listen to her performances at the Sibley Hospital in Washington..

Serlyn Rose has been playing the piano in the lobby of Washington’s Sibley Hospital every Friday for 20 years. Sharing music with others, Serlene says, brought her back to life.

“After my husband died in 1991, I couldn’t come to my senses for five years … I began to have severe depression,” recalls Rose. – I then thought that if I can somehow help others, I can save myself.Piano sounds - in the hospital This is how my musical journey began at the Sibley Hospital. “.

Serlyn Rose started making music at age six.

Today, to play a melody, she only needs to hear it once.

Marianne Monek leads an organization of volunteers – like Serlin – who help the hospital.

“Her music, her talent bring so much joy to all of us – not only patients and their loved ones, but also the hospital staff,” says Monek..

The head of the laboratory department, Anita Mattero, often drops into the hall to listen to Serlin. She jokes that her music helps lower blood pressure..

“When I entered the hospital, I was very nervous. I was worried, constantly thinking about the upcoming course of treatment, – Anita Mattero recalls. “And when Serlyn came and the piano started playing, I was able to breathe out and relax. I feel much better and am ready to spend the necessary time here. “.

According to volunteer Anne Ittner, without Serlyn’s music, the hospital hall is completely different: “We all love her very much. She cheers up by playing light music. She has a lot of fans here. “.

Serlyn is glad that after all these years, she can still brighten someone’s day a little bit brighter: “This thought warms me up, I’m happy to be able to do something useful and help others. It seems to me that this is precisely the meaning of our life “.

Serlyn believes that her late husband would be proud of her work in the hospital: “Every time I help others, I feel my husband’s presence. He’s with me. And he tells me – you are great! “

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