Poland was “amazed” by the idea of ​​State Duma deputies to cancel recognition of Katyn

Katyn massacre: Tensions continue between Russia and Poland

Poland was

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Moscow&# 160; issued a special statement on Tuesday night

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Moscow issued a statement on Tuesday evening, in which it expressed "amazement" the idea of ​​some deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation to revise the current official position of Russia on the shooting of Polish officers in Katyn.

The statement states that in mid-November in the Tver region, the Russian Military-Historical Society organized a conference on Russian-Polish relations. On it, as noted by the Polish side, "statements were made aimed at non-recognition of the responsibility of the NKVD for the Katyn crime". The Polish Embassy noted that the event was approved by officials of the Russian State Duma, who themselves took part in the conference and announced the possible cancellation of the document dated November 26, 2010, in which Russia confirmed the responsibility of the USSR and Stalin for the massacre of Poles. In particular, State Duma deputy Alexei Chepa said that he was ready to personally come up with an initiative to cancel the document.

Diplomat Lukasz Cudny, who signed the statement of the Polish Embassy, ​​stressed that "need to focus on protecting the historical truth about World War II", and "remind about the responsibility of the NKVD" for the shooting in Katyn.

Mass graves of victims of Stalinist repression in the vicinity of the village of Mednoe in the Tver region were discovered in August 1991.Poland was Historians and investigators have established that among the buried bodies there are more than 6 thousand Polish military prisoners, who were shot in the spring of 1940 in the village of Katyn, Smolensk region, by a secret decision of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks … Then almost 22 thousand Poles were killed in two months.

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