Poll: less than half of Americans support NATO

Poll: less than half of Americans support NATO

Alliance popularity declined in the US and Europe

Less than half of Americans support NATO, an alliance designed to provide the collective security of North American and European states.

A poll conducted by YouGov on the 70th anniversary of the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty showed that only 44% of Americans support US participation in the treaty. This is three percentage points lower than in 2017, when the previous survey was conducted on this topic..

Residents of other NATO member states were also interviewed..Poll: less than half of Americans support NATO As it turned out, over two years the level of support for the Alliance has dropped significantly among the key European allies of the United States – in the UK from 73% to 59%, in Germany – from 68% to 54%, in France from 54% to 39%.

According to the study, different generations of the United States have different attitudes towards NATO: 56% of the baby boomers who were born in 1946-1964, and who grew up during the Cold War, believe that the Alliance continues to play an important role in protecting Western countries. Younger generations of Americans are much less enthusiastic about NATO.

There is also a political divide: 60% of Democrats in the US agree that the Alliance plays an important role in ensuring security, this view is shared by only 38% of Republicans..

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