Pompeo: attack on Saudi Aavia refinery – act of war

Pompeo says attack on Saudi oil field is ‘act of war’

Pompeo: attack on Saudi Aavia refinery - act of war

Pompeo discusses with Saudi Arabia response to strikes on its oil facilities

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday called the attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, an "act of war".

"This is an attack on an unprecedented scale," Pompeo said, speaking to reporters who accompanied the head of the State Department on his way to Jeddah, where Pompeo is in talks with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. “The Saudis are the people who were attacked. It happened on their land. It was an act of war directed directly against them, ”the US Secretary of State quotes Reuters..

According to the American leadership, the strikes were delivered from Iran.

Iranian state news agency IRNA reported on Wednesday that Tehran had sent a diplomatic note to the US denying any involvement in the strikes and warning that any action against Iran would entail an immediate response..

Houthi (Houthi) rebels in Yemen initially claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack, which knocked out half of the country’s oil production capacity..

But American officials say the available evidence indicates that this is not possible..

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday said the Houthis launched the attack as a "warning" to Saudi Arabia over its role in the war in Yemen. Human rights groups condemn Saudi air strikes against peaceful areas in Yemen, noting that they exacerbate one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

As Rouhani stressed, the Yemenis "did not target hospitals, schools or the bazaar in Sana’a," and Saudi Arabia should "learn from this warning.".

Rouhani did not directly comment on the accusations against his government, but noted that he did not want a conflict in the region..

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