Pompeo calls for US-Indian cooperation

US seeks closer India ties amid China threat

US Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense arrived in Delhi to participate in the annual strategic dialogue with their Indian counterparts

US and India must join forces to counter threats to security and freedom posed by China, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said ahead of talks with Indian leaders.

Pompeo arrived in New Delhi on Monday with US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to participate in the annual strategic dialogue amid heightened regional tensions as Indian troops face off against Chinese forces in their disputed border in the Himalayas..

“Today, great democracies like ours have a new opportunity for rapprochement,” Pompeo said ahead of talks with Indian Foreign Minister Subramanyam Jaishankar and Defense Minister Rajnat Singh..

“Surely we still have a lot of work to do.Pompeo calls for cooperation between the United States and India We have a lot to discuss today: our cooperation in the fight against the pandemic that originated in Wuhan, as well as countering threats to security and freedom from the Chinese Communist Party to promote peace and stability in the region. “.

Earlier this month, India invited Australia to join the naval exercises it jointly conducts annually with the United States and Japan, rejecting concerns from China, which said the exercises would destabilize the region..

“We must focus on institutionalizing and streamlining our collaboration to meet today’s challenges and support the principles of a free and open Indo-Pacific in the future,” Esper said..

The parties will sign a military agreement later Tuesday that will give India access to state-of-the-art US satellite and map data to improve the accuracy of its missiles and drones..

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