Pompeo issues statement on International Human Rights Day

Secretary Pompeo’s video remarks on “Promoting and Protecting Human Rights”

Secretary of State noted serious human rights violations in countries such as China, Iran, Syria and Venezuela

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issues statement on the occasion of International Human Rights Day.

Pompeo recalled that the UN Commission on Human Rights, which drew up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948, was headed by an American, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. According to him, in order to formulate these rights, Roosevelt had enough to be guided by American traditions and such fundamental documents as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights..

“Thanks to Mrs. Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, more people in the world enjoy these rights and freedoms than before the adoption of the Declaration. It is widely accepted that a state’s moral authority stems to a large extent from its willingness to defend the rights and freedoms listed in the Declaration, Pompeo said. – Unfortunately, not all countries demonstrate this readiness.Pompeo delivers statement on International Human Rights Day The Chinese government continues to target members of religious and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, Tibet and other areas, and undermine the freedoms guaranteed to Hong Kong residents under the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Transfer of Hong Kong and Basic Law. The regimes of Iran, Syria and Venezuela commit shocking human rights violations every day. For countries like China, Iran, Syria and Venezuela to regain moral authority in the eyes of their freedom-loving nations, they must re-dedicate themselves to defending human rights and fundamental freedoms. “.

In conclusion, the Secretary of State assured that the United States will always support those who seek to realize their inalienable rights and freedoms..

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