Pompeo: the Chinese Communist Party is “the central threat of our time”

Pompeo: the Chinese Communist Party is'the central threat of our time'

At the same time, the secretary of state expressed confidence that Washington and London will be able to settle the differences over Huawei

China is the central threat in today’s world, and the United States and its allies must ensure that the military and technological resources are available in order for this country to live on Western principles, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo..

“While we need to remain supremely vigilant of terror … The Chinese Communist Party is the central threat of our time,” Pompeo said Thursday, speaking in London with British counterpart Dominique Raab..

At the same time, Pompeo tried to ease tensions over London’s decision to involve the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei in the development of a 5G network in the UK, despite calls from the United States to refrain from cooperation with the company for security reasons..

Although the secretary of state has not shown any softening on Huawei, he tried to reduce the scale of the problem.

“When you allow your citizens’ data or national security information to pass over a network to which the Chinese Communist Party has legally valid access, it creates a risk,” said Pompeo..

“I am convinced that our two countries will find a way to jointly resolve the existing differences,” said the Secretary of State, adding that cooperation within the Five Eyes intelligence alliance will continue..

The UK’s decision on Huawei came at a watershed moment as the country prepares to leave the EU and begin negotiations on a trade agreement with the United States..

Pompeo noted that the “special relationship” between the two countries is healthy and that he wants to focus onating a trade agreement.

“The previous administration was of the opinion that if the United Kingdom takes this decision, it will be in the back ranks, and we intend to put the United Kingdom in the front ranks,” he said..

Pompeo: the Chinese Communist Party is'the central threat of our time'

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