Pompeo welcomed Shklyarov’s departure from Belarus

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Pompeo welcomed Shklyarov's departure from Belarus

Belarusian authorities detained political scientist Shklyarov in July, accusing him of participating in organizing illegal rallies

The United States welcomes the departure of the illegally detained US citizen Vitaly Shklyarov from Belarus, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“After three months of illegal detention and house arrest, Shklyarov reunited with his family and arrived in the United States,” Pompeo said..

“As the President and I have made clear, we will not tolerate the illegal detention of American citizens by foreign governments,” he added..

Political scientist Vitaly Shklyarov, who has citizenship of Belarus and the United States, who previously worked in the political campaigns of ex-President Barack Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders, was detained by the special services when he came to his parents in Grodno on July 28.

Belarusian authorities accused Shklyarov of facilitating the organization of illegal rallies in support of an opposition member before the August 9 elections.

Alexander Lukashenko claims he won a landslide victory in these elections, but many believe that the vote was rigged to continue his 26-year rule.

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Pompeo welcomed Shklyarov's departure from Belarus

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