Pope Francis supports Guterres’ call for a global ceasefire

The pontiff called &# 171; end militant hostility in any form&# 187;

Pope Francis on Sunday supported UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ call for a global ceasefire so the world can focus on fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the quarantine imposed in Italy, the pontiff addressed his weekly blessing from the official papal library, and not from the window of St. Peter’s Basilica. In his speech, Pope Francis referred to the address Guterres gave at a virtual press conference on Monday.

Stating that the disease knows no borders, Francis called on everyone to “end militant hostility in any form and help create corridors for humanitarian assistance, diplomatic efforts, and pay attention to people who find themselves in situations of significant vulnerability.”.

Italy is the second most infected after the United States. This country accounts for about a third of all deaths in the world..

The Vatican, which covers less than half a square kilometer, has reported six cases. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said on Saturday that the tests were carried out after the infection of the priest who lives in the papal residence.

Bruni said that dad and his closest assistants are not sick with coronavirus.

The social impact of the pandemic recalls painful periods such as World War II, the 2008 financial crisis and the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic that killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide..

UN seeks to mediate efforts to end conflicts in countries like Syria, Yemen and Libya, while providing humanitarian assistance to millions of civilians.

Guterres warned that health systems in war-torn countries have collapsed, and the few remaining medical personnel are often targeted during conflict.

In his Sunday address, Francis also called on the authorities to pay special attention to the spread of the virus in prisons around the world, many of which are overcrowded..Pope Francis supports Guterres' call for a global ceasefire According to him, the situation in prisons “can become a tragedy”.

Prisoner riots have occurred in several countries, including Italy, where at least six prisoners have died since the beginning of the month. On Sunday, there was a riot in a prison in northeastern Thailand. Several countries, including Germany, Sudan and Iran, have released some prisoners to ease the burden on their prison systems.

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