President Trump: Police funding will continue

President Donald Trump unveils reform proposals as protests against police brutality continue

American leader met with heads of law enforcement agencies

Speaking at a meeting with police officers, President Trump said law enforcement funding would not be cut.

“There will be no termination of funding, as well as no disbandment of our police. Our police let us live in peace.President Trump: Police funding will continue We want to make sure we don’t have bad guys, and sometimes you see some terrible things that we saw recently, but 99%, I say 99.9%, but let’s get on 99%, of which are great, great people and they are doing record-setting work, ”said the US President.

Donald Trump commented on Minneapolis City Council decision to abolish Municipal Police.

“You see in some newspapers that they want to close the police department in Minneapolis. Close. What does this mean? Close? They had a couple of very difficult nights and they had a third night which was not easy. They left their police station, which I have never seen before. Their mayor asked to leave the site, now it looks like they left the mayor. They had three really bad nights and then I insisted on bringing in the National Guard and suddenly the magic happened. They helped the police, but the police were told to leave their posts.President Trump: Police funding will continue Nobody has ever seen anything like it, “President Trump said.

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