Putin visited Siberian mountains before his birthday

Putin celebrates 67th birthday in Siberian mountains

On October 7, the Russian leader turned 67

Russian President Vladimir Putin spent the weekend before his birthday in the mountains in southern Siberia with the Minister of Defense.

On Monday, Putin turned 67 years old. Photos and videos shared by the Kremlin show Putin climbing steep slopes and picking mushrooms.

Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu walked through the taiga forest and at some point stopped to admire the mountain views.

“We climbed above the clouds,” exclaimed the Russian leader.

Over the past few years, Putin has visited this region of Tuva more than once near the border with Mongolia..

In 2009, he was photographed sitting on a horse with a naked torso. Two years ago, he and Shoigu were fishing in the lakes..Putin visited Siberian mountains before his birthday They were also without shirts in the photos..

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