Rex Tillerson: Visit to Ethiopia

Rex Tillerson expected in Ethiopia on Wednesday

Before the start of his tour in Africa, the Secretary of State noted the readiness of the United States to build a solid base of relations with the continent

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Ethiopia on Wednesday, where he was greeted by Foreign Minister Vorkneh Gebeyehu.Rex Tillerson: Visit to Ethiopia Ethiopia marks the first destination on Tillerson’s tour of Africa, which has recently been forging closer ties with China in trade and humanitarian aid.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is also currently in Ethiopia, but there have been no reports of a meeting between the two diplomats..

On the eve of his departure to Africa, Tillerson said that the United States was determined to build “a solid base of American-African relations” and accused China of “encouraging dependence” in its policy towards Africa.

In a speech describing the administration’s policy towards Africa, Tillerson pledged that the United States is committed to reducing barriers to trade and investment with Africa, of which China is its largest trading partner..

He added that the American approach of “encouraging good governance” is in stark contrast to China’s approach, which “encourages dependence, uses opaque contracts, predatory credit policies and corrupt deals that plunge countries into debt and undermine their sovereignty.”.

“Chinese investment can indeed help address the infrastructure gap in Africa, but China’s approach has increased debt and contributed little to job creation in most countries,” Tillerson added. “Combined with political and fiscal pressures, this poses a threat to Africa’s natural resources and long-term economic and political stability.”.

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