Russia and Syria urge the United States to withdraw from Syrian territory

Russia moves in as U.S. forces pull out of Syria

Russia and Syria urge the US to withdraw from Syrian territory

Moscow and Damascus call on Washington to allow the evacuation of residents of the Rukban refugee camp

Russia and Syria issued a joint statement on Wednesday calling on US troops to leave Syria and allow residents of a refugee camp in the southeast of the country to evacuate with the help of Russian and Syrian troops..

A statement released by the Russian Defense Ministry said the Russian and Syrian military have prepared buses to transport refugees from the camp in the Rukban area and guarantee their safe passage so that they can start a new life..

“We also call on the United States, whose military units are illegally located in Syria, to leave the country,” the joint statement said..

Earlier this month, the US said it would remain in Syria with about 400 US troops divided between the country’s two regions..

A retreat from President Donald Trump’s previous statements could give American allies the opportunity to retain their troops in Syria.

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