Russian hacker pleaded guilty in American court

USA: Russian pleads guilty to two cybercrime counts in Alexandria court

Russian hacker pleaded guilty in American court

Andrey Tyurin accused of involvement in hacking computer systems of American financial organizations

A Russian citizen pleaded guilty to charges brought against him in the United States that he was involved in a large-scale operation of computer hackers against JPMorgan Chase & Co and other financial companies.

Andrei Tyurin, 36, pleaded guilty to a federal court in Manhattan on six counts, including electronic fraud and conspiracy to hack.

He admitted that he illegally obtained personal data of clients of companies to search for potential victims of fraudulent investment schemes..

District Judge Laura Taylor Swain is expected to convict him on February 13.

His lawyer Florian Midel declined to comment on his case.

Tyurin was arrested in Georgia at the request of the American authorities last year, becoming the latest of several people accused of involvement in a criminal scheme..

JPMorgan admitted that its computer systems were hacked in 2014, giving hackers access to information related to the accounts of approximately 83 million customers.

Russian hacker pleaded guilty in American court

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