Sally Yates: Russian election meddling is a major threat to national security

Sally Yates says National Security Adviser could be blackmailed by Russians (C-SPAN)

Former acting.Sally Yates: Russian election meddling is a major threat to national security Attorney General testified in the Senate on &# 171; Russian case&# 187;

The US Senate Legal Committee held a hearing on the investigation into the “Russian case.” Sally Yates testified at the hearing, briefly acting as attorney general.

In the written text of the speech, Yeats notes that “foreign interference in the elections remains a pressing threat to American democracy and deserves the full attention of the government and the public.”.

“By the end of 2016, our intelligence community had established that Russia was conducting a multidimensional campaign to influence the elections, and it was doing so on direct instructions from President Vladimir Putin,” said Yeats. “As our intelligence agencies, the investigation by [Special Attorney Robert] Mueller and the Senate Intelligence Committee subsequently confirmed, the Russian campaign was intended to undermine faith in our democratic processes, reduce Hillary Clinton’s chances of being elected, and help Donald Trump, now president, “.

The Russian government has used a variety of tactics, including cyberattacks, strategic disclosure of stolen information, and a coordinated campaign to use social media as a weapon against American citizens, Yates said..

Yeats stressed that Russia’s actions constitute “the most serious threat to national security.” “A direct Russian attack on our democracy required both an investigation and a response,” she said, adding that vigilance must be kept ahead of the next elections..

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