Sandu supporters demand holding early parliamentary elections in Moldova

Protesters in Moldova demand early parliamentary election

Sandu supporters demand holding early parliamentary elections in Moldova

The newly elected President of the country called for the fight against corruption to be completed

Thousands of supporters of Moldovan President-elect Maia Sandu gathered on Sunday in Chisinau, demanding early parliamentary elections and accusing the country’s current parliament of trying to sabotage the fight against corruption.

Recall that in the second round of the last presidential elections in Moldova, Maia Sandu – an economist by profession, a former employee of the World Bank and a supporter of strengthening ties with the West – defeated the current president of the country, Igor Dodon. At the same time, she will be forced to share power with the parliament, which is dominated by Dodon’s supporters..

In recent years, Moldova – a country with a population of about 3.5 million and a struggle for influence waged by the West and Russia – has been rocked by corruption scandals; one of them was caused by the disappearance of a billion dollars from the country’s banking system.

Last Thursday, Sandu supporters held a protest in front of the parliament building, which hastily approved a law that deprives the newly elected president of the opportunity to control the country’s special services.

This move was supported by the Socialists – the party previously led by Dodon – as well as the Shor party (its founder, businessman Ilan Shor, was previously convicted of fraud and money laundering, including involvement in the billion dollar disappearance scandal).

Shor denies having committed any wrongdoing.

“This majority (in parliament – GA) adopts laws that take away the powers from the president, so that we cannot fight corruption and thieves. These laws are designed to help preserve thieves’ criminal schemes, ”said Maia Sandu, addressing her supporters on Sunday.

“We will go to the end – until we cleanse the country of corrupt officials,” she added..

Holding national flags in their hands, the demonstrators chanted: “To jail!” and “Resign!” They called for the dissolution of parliament and the appointment of a date for early parliamentary elections.

Earlier, the Parliament of Moldova adopted in the first reading a law giving a special status to the Russian language. ON also lifted restrictions on the broadcasting of Russian television channels in the country.

Meanwhile, another rally – on the outskirts of Chisinau – was held by agricultural workers. They protested against the increase in value added tax in the state budget of Moldova for 2021.

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