Senate Awarded Police Officer Protecting Legislators

Hero Officer Led Mob Away To Save Lives During Capitol Riot | TODAY

Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman honored with Congressional Gold Medal

On Friday night, after hours of heated debate over the impeachment case of former President Donald Trump, lawmakers for a while finally agreed, voting to honor one of the Capitol police officers involved in suppressing the riots that engulfed the building of Congress on January 6..

Senators Unanimously Voted to Present the Congressional Gold Medal to Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman.

Goodman was committed to pulling rioters as far away from lawmakers as possible as a crowd of Trump supporters raged in the Capitol, where a joint meeting of both houses of Congress began shortly before, during which lawmakers were to officially confirm Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. … Video shown during the trial showed Goodman providing security for Senator Mitt Romney.

Nearly five weeks after the attack, researchers at the University of Chicago concluded that most of the rioters were not members of far-right groups, but rather ordinary Trump supporters..

Lawmakers honored Goodman in the hall with thunderous applause.Senate Awarded Police Officer Protecting Legislators Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that all law enforcement officers who were involved in repelling the attack on the Capitol should also be honored and recognized, which caused a second wave of thunderous applause..

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell also praised Goodman, saying, “If it weren’t for the quick thinking and courage of Officer Eugene Goodman, the people in this room might not have been safe and sound.”.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced a bill on Thursday that would award the Congressional Gold Medal to Capitol Police officers and the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, whose officers were called to the scene for security at the Capitol..

Trump, the first president in US history to face two impeachment trials and the first former head of state to be tried in the Senate for impeachment. The ex-president is accused of incitement to rebellion, which, according to Democrats, was expressed in his provocative speech, which he addressed to his supporters on January 6 in Washington.

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