Senate introduced a bill on sanctions against Russia

Here’s what’s in the Senate’s new Russia sanctions

Senate introduced a bill on sanctions against Russia

The initiative was prepared by a group of Democratic senators led by Bob Menendez

A group of Democratic senators has submitted a bill to sanction those involved in a bounty program for the assassination of American troops in Afghanistan, allegedly led by Russia.

Six Senators, led by Foreign Relations Committee’s Bob Menendez, introduced the bill on September 10.

According to Menendez’s statement, President Donald Trump’s “reverence” for Russian leader Vladimir Putin “requires Congress to actively formulate foreign policy towards Russia, especially in terms of sanctions.”.

In June, the New York Times reported that last year, a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties for the assassination of the U.S. military and its allies in Afghanistan..

President Trump said he will take action if this message is confirmed.

The bill instructs the president to state whether the Russian government actually offered rewards for the killing of American military personnel or members of a NATO mission.

If the president confirms that this is so, he will be obliged to impose visa and financial sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin or on those who acted on his behalf..

The bill also provides for $ 50 million for information on Moscow-funded rewards and $ 30 million a year to counter Kremlin influence in the region..

“We will not stand aside while a foreign leader announces awards for the heads of American soldiers,” said Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois.

“Soldiers are risking everything to protect our country, and they need to know that political leaders care about them,” said Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon.

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