Senator Hawley to oppose electoral college vote approval

GOP senator to force vote on Electoral College results

Senator Hawley to oppose electoral vote approval

This means a dramatic congressional battle for Biden’s victory

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley said he will object to the electoral college vote next week when Congress meets to officially certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump.

This means a dramatic congressional battle for Biden’s victory.

A close associate of the president, Hawley became the first senator to announce that he would support these efforts on January 6, which would force both houses of Congress to debate and vote to overturn Biden’s election victory..

The conservative Republican faction in the House of Representatives, led by Mo Brooks, has already said they will oppose the certification of electoral votes from some of the wavering states that Biden won, such as Pennsylvania and Georgia..

Biden gets 306 electoral college votes, Trump 232.

“I cannot vote to certify electoral college results without raising the issue that some states, including Pennsylvania, did not comply with their own election laws,” Hawley said in announcing his decision. “I also can’t vote for certification without pointing out the unprecedented efforts of megacorporations including Facebook and Twitter to intervene in this election in support of Joe Biden.”.

Hawley, who is considered a possible presidential candidate in the 2024 election, said that “at least Congress should investigate allegations of voting fraud and take steps to ensure the integrity of our elections.”.

“But while Congress is inactive,” he added.

Trump has repeatedly called on Republicans in Congress to speak out and protest on his behalf, but many have recognized Biden’s victory.

Some even called the attempt to challenge the electoral college vote pointless..

“They need to remember that this will get you nowhere,” Senator John Toon, the third highest Republican in the Senate, told reporters earlier this month..

“I just don’t think there is any point in making everyone go through this, knowing what the end result will be,” he added..

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