Senators Investigate If Recent Hacker Attack Affected Taxpayer Data

Russia denies involvement in hack of U.S. government agencies

Senators Investigate Whether Recent Hacker Attack Affected Taxpayer Data

Chuck Grassley and Ron Weiden sent a request to the IRS

Two senior senators said Thursday they intend to find out if taxpayer data has been compromised in a recent hacker attack on the federal government..Senators Investigate Whether Recent Hacker Attack Affected Taxpayer Data If this happens, millions of Americans will be at increased risk of identity theft and other crimes..

While authorities continue to assess the damage from the cyberattack, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and senior Democrat Ron Wyden have sent a request to the IRS to clarify if the IRS has been affected, and if so, what it is doing to mitigate the impact and protect against further intrusions..

Senator Ron Wyden (archived photo)

According to Reuters, the massive attack leveraged SolarWinds Corp technology used by many US government agencies and other businesses..

It is believed that hackers working for Russia may have been behind the attack, but the US government has not made any public statements about this. Several lawmakers said Thursday the authorities appear to have not yet completed an analysis of the impact of the attack..

“I think the government is still assessing the severity of the damage,” Democratic Senator Mark Warner, a senior member of the Intelligence Committee, told MSNBC..

In their letter, Grassley and Wyden asked IRS chief Chuck Rettig to provide immediate information on the possible impact of the attack on American taxpayers who file confidential financial data with the agency each year..

The IRS used SolarWinds technology back in 2017, they said..

“Given the high degree of confidentiality of taxpayer personal information and the damage our adversaries can do to steal and use that data, both in terms of American privacy and national security, it is imperative that we understand how much the IRS has been affected by the attack. ” , – wrote the senators.

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