Shooting in Halle: investigation continues

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Shooting in Halle: investigation continues

The suspect was detained about an hour and a half after the attack at the synagogue

Saxony-Anhalt Interior Minister Holger Stalknecht said the suspect in the armed attack at the Halle synagogue was arrested about an hour and a half after the incident as he got out of a stolen taxi after a collision with a truck.

According to Stalknecht, the suspect managed to leave Halle after he shot two people and entered into a firefight with the police, getting wounded in the neck..

A man dumped a car in a nearby town, where he injured two more people.Shooting in Halle: investigation continues The suspect then continued south in a stolen taxi and was arrested as he got out of the car after an accident. The police also removed the webcam from the car, which he filmed the attack..

According to Stalknecht, the suspect was not previously in the eyes of the authorities.

According to him, the police arrived at the synagogue seven minutes after the shooting became known, but in such a situation, “seven minutes is like seven weeks.”.

Meanwhile, German Attorney General Peter Frank said that the suspect intended to commit mass murder and brought with him in the car about four kg of explosives.

According to Frank, the authorities still have many questions about the suspect, who is currently in custody. He is identified as a German citizen named Stefan B.

The investigation will have to find out how the man managed to get materials for the manufacture of homemade weapons and explosive devices, and also to understand if anyone else knew about his plans..

According to Frank, the suspect wanted to achieve a “global effect” by broadcasting his attack online and inspiring other people to do the same..

Stefan B. suspected of killing two people and attempting to kill nine more.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday laid flowers at the synagogue in Halle and met with representatives of the local community.

Prior to his visit, the head of the German Jewish community, Joseph Schuster, expressed outrage at the slow police response. He called it “scandalous” that the parishioners of the synagogue had to wait more than 10 minutes for the police, barricading themselves inside.

The chairman of the Jewish community of Halle, Max Privorotsky, said on Thursday: “I thought this door would not stand”.

According to the head of the police union Oliver Malkow, the arrival times of the police show how few police officers are in the city..

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