Smugglers cut out fragments of a wall under construction on the border with Mexico

Human smugglers operate on US-Mexico border, as wall gets enhancements

Trump said that he is not worried about this, since such breakdowns are easy to fix.

Smuggling gangs cut through the “almost insurmountable” wall that President Donald Trump is building on the border with Mexico to keep migrants and drugs out of the country. However, the president says he is not worried about it..

“We have a very strong wall,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Saturday. – But, in truth, no matter how powerful it is, you can cut through anything.Smugglers cut out fragments of a wall under construction on the border with Mexico But we have a lot of people watching this. Cutting through is one thing, this problem is easy to deal with. One of the reasons we did it this way is because it is very easy to fix. Just put this piece back in. “.

Trump shared these thoughts after the Washington Post reported that gangsters have repeatedly cut holes in the wall with a reciprocating saw, a popular household tool that can be bought for $ 100, in recent months..

If you use special cutting blades, then with the help of such saws you can cut reinforced concrete poles in a few minutes, border guards said.

Once the pillars are cut, smugglers can push them aside, creating an opening wide enough for migrants and smugglers to pass through. There is no information about how many times this has happened..

One of the main themes of Trump’s 2016 campaign was the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico to prevent illegal immigration. Trump promised that Mexico will pay for construction.

However, there is a year left until the next elections, and the construction of the wall has not yet been completed. Trump long ago gave up trying to get Mexico to pay for it and never got Congress to allocate the tens of billions of dollars needed for construction..

Instead, Trump declared a state of emergency on the southern border of the United States and, despite objections from critics in Congress, transferred money allocated for other projects to build the wall..

US Customs and Border Protection said a total of $ 9.8 billion has been allocated over the past three years to build more than 800 kilometers of a “new border wall system.”.

To date, however, no “new wall”, that is, an extension of the existing barrier, has been built.

However, a 90 km long barrier was replaced and 14 km of a new secondary barrier built..

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