Supreme Court upholds Trump’s immigration initiative

Supreme Court Upholds President Donald Trump Travel Ban | NBC Nightly News

New rules prohibit issuing &# 171; green cards&# 187; immigrants who may need government support

The administration of US President Donald Trump on Monday introduced a new immigration initiative, ordering to deny permanent residence to people who may need government assistance, including housing and food.

Some immigrants have begun to withdraw from food aid and Medicare, according to NYC government health and welfare programs, although they may not be covered by the new rule..

In the fight against the spread of false information about the new restrictions, the city authorities intend to intensify initiatives aimed at informing the population, including hotlines for immigrants and legal aid programs.

“Why is this rule harmful? Because it sows confusion and fears, ”says New York City Department of Social Services Commissioner Stephen Banks.

US immigration law has long prescribed to deny “green cards” to people who may be in public care, but earlier it was only about receiving cash assistance or placement in specialized institutions.

The new rules broaden the interpretation and apply to recipients of other types of benefits, and also take into account factors such as age, education and level of English proficiency.

And about.Supreme Court upholds Trump's immigration initiative Undersecretary of Homeland Security Ken Cucinelli told Fox News on Monday that the new rules are intended to help ensure that immigrants don’t become a burden to American taxpayers and can support themselves..

A tough immigration policy is one of the key elements of Trump’s platform. The President has taken a number of measures to restrict legal migration and is also trying to reduce the number of illegal border crossings.

The new rules will mainly apply to those who live in the United States on a visa and want to change their status, as well as those who apply for “green cards” at consulates abroad.

Most immigrants who want to get green cards are not eligible for benefits. However, opponents of the initiative fear that immigrants will unjustifiably refuse to participate in assistance programs that are not subject to restrictions, including the program of food assistance for women and children..

The US Supreme Court upheld the initiative and allowed it to go into effect nationwide.

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