Supreme Court will investigate the legality of the administration’s plan to reverse the Deferred Action Program

This program protects against deportation 660 thousand immigrants brought to the United States as children

The US Supreme Court will consider the legality of the Donald Trump administration’s plan to cancel the program that protects 660 thousand immigrants from deportation.

All attention will be paid to Judge John Roberts when the court hears the arguments of the parties on Tuesday.Supreme Court will investigate the legality of the administration's plan to reverse the Deferred Action Program Roberts is a conservative judge who takes the most centrist position in court.

Earlier, the Supreme Court sided with President Donald Trump, recognizing the constitutional ban on the entry of residents of some predominantly Muslim countries into the United States, but it did not allow the administration to include the issue of citizenship in the 2020 census.

Roberts sided with the Conservatives on the travel ban and the Liberals on the census. His voice can be decisive in this case too.

The court will focus on the Deferred Action Program for Arrivals in the United States of Children, a program developed during the Obama administration to bring out of the shadows people who were brought to the United States as children and are in the country illegally. In some cases, they do not remember that they lived in a country other than the United States..

When Congress was at a standstill over immigration reform, President Barack Obama decided to formally protect these people from deportation and grant them the right to work in the United States..

However, Trump took a tough stance on immigration and announced in September 2017 that he would end the program..

Immigrants, human rights organizations, universities and states run by Democrats have filed lawsuits and courts have suspended the administration’s plan.

The Supreme Court will have to answer two questions: can federal judges consider the decision to terminate the program, and if so, did the administration take the legal path, curtailing the program??

Jeff Sessions, then Attorney General, said the program was illegal because Obama had no authority to host it..

Trump said he would have preferred a law for this category of immigrants, however, he said, a Supreme Court decision would be required for the administration to push Congress into action..

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