Syrian Kurds discuss sanctions exceptions with US-led coalition

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Syrian Kurds discuss sanctions exceptions with US-led coalition

The regional administration emphasizes that the sanctions could have a detrimental effect on the north-eastern part of Syria

Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria are in talks with military allies in the international coalition, discussing a promised exemption from the US sanctions regime against the Syrian government, a senior Kurdish administration official said..

Washington says the sanctions announced last week will mark the beginning of a massive campaign of economic and political pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to persuade him towards a political settlement of the conflict..

Northeastern Syria is under the control of Kurdish militias that helped the US-led coalition in the fight against the Islamic State.

Badran Regional Administration Vice President Jia Kurd said the sanctions could cause significant damage to the region, which trades with government-controlled areas and uses the Syrian pound, which has depreciated..

“This will lead to a very large increase in prices and a weakening of trade activity within Syria, while the borders with Iraq are closed, that is, the region is already in a state of economic siege,” said Jia Kurd.

“They said that self-governing regions will not be subject to sanctions under the ‘Caesar’s Law’, but the mechanisms and means of achieving this exception are still being discussed with the international coalition,” he added..

Caesar’s Law got its name in memory of a Syrian photographer who managed to capture the massacres, torture and other crimes in the country.

According to a State Department official, when imposing sanctions against the Assad government, the United States has provided exceptions for humanitarian aid throughout Syria and will continue to work closely with partners..

“We do not comment on the content of private diplomatic conversations,” said a spokesman for the State Department.

Coalition says sanctions will not impede humanitarian aid delivery and stabilization efforts in northeastern Syria.

The new sanctions provide for an asset freeze of all persons doing business with Syria, regardless of nationality.

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