The head of the UN humanitarian mission called the situation in Syria “catastrophic”

The head of the UN humanitarian mission called the situation in Syria'catastrophic'

Valerie Amos came to Syria to assess the situation of the local population

The head of the UN humanitarian mission, Valerie Amos, came to Syria to assess the situation of the country’s residents. She called it “disastrous”.

Amos made this statement while speaking to reporters in Damascus on Sunday before meeting with UN humanitarian workers and representatives of the Syrian authorities. Last week, in a speech in Switzerland, she said Syria is paying the price for the inability of world powers to resolve the 22-month-long conflict between the government and rebels trying to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad..

According to the UN, the civil war in Syria has led to the internal displacement of two million people, and 650,000 people were forced to flee to neighboring countries. A UN donor conference will be held in Kuwait on Wednesday, during which fundraising will be held to help victims of the Syrian humanitarian crisis.

Activists said on Sunday clashes broke out between government and opposition forces near a train station in Damascus. Fighting in the Kadam metropolitan area forced the closure of the railroad that leads to the southern city of Deraa. It is not possible to obtain independent confirmation of this information, since the Syrian authorities almost do not allow foreign journalists into the country..

Meanwhile, the Syrian government has pledged to grant amnesty to exiled opposition figures who return to the country to participate in a national dialogue initiated by President Assad. The exiled Syrian opposition coalition has repeatedly refused to negotiate with Assad, insisting that he leave office.

The UN estimates that more than 60,000 people have died in Syria since the start of the unrest that turned into a civil war..

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