The investigation into the case of theft of a computer from Pelosi’s office continues

Man photographed in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office arrested

Defendant, released in Pennsylvania on recognizance not to leave, must appear in court in Washington

A federal judge in Pennsylvania has ordered the release from custody of a woman charged with helping steal a laptop from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office during an attack on the Capitol..

Judge Martin Carlson ordered Riley June Williams to be released on her mother’s bail, and ordered her to appear in federal court in Washington on Monday to proceed with her case..

“The seriousness of these crimes is great,” said Carlson. – It cannot be overemphasized.

22-year-old Williams is accused, in particular, of theft, forced entry into the Capitol and disorderly conduct on its territory. Carlson noted that Williams had no previous convictions.

Williams’ ex-boyfriend told the FBI that she was in the video of the January 6 riot.The investigation into the case of theft of a computer from Pelosi's office continues According to a whistleblower, she hoped to sell the computer to Russian intelligence.

Williams’ attorney, Laurie Ulrich, told Judge Carlson that these charges are exaggeration.

“It is unfortunate that Mrs. Williams took the bait of the president and entered the Capitol, ”Ulrich told the judge..

Williams admitted the charges against her on Monday. She was expected to leave the County Jail in Harrisburg on Thursday and be electronically monitored pending trial..

She did not respond to questions as a handcuffed federal bailiff took her out of the courtroom.

During the meeting, Carlson directly referred to the attack on the Capitol, stating that the aggressive crowd had tried unsuccessfully to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power..

On Tuesday, a Virginia FBI agent noted that Williams was captured by surveillance cameras at the Capitol as she entered and exited Pelosi’s office..

The agent’s affidavit says the mobile phone video, which was probably filmed by Williams, shows a gloved man’s hand picking up an HP laptop from a table, and the caption reads “They got the laptop.”.

Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill said the laptop, used only for presentations, had been stolen from the conference room. Where the computer is currently was not disclosed in court documents and was not discussed in court on Thursday..

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