The structure of the US IDB was accused of being unprepared for possible violence during the elections

The report of the Inspector General of the IMB says that the agency responsible for voting security, prepared only to repel possible cyberattacks, forgetting about possible outbreaks of violence at polling stations.

The Office of the Inspector General of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said on Tuesday that officials from the Department’s Computer and Infrastructure Security Agency did not pay due attention to the issue of possible spikes in violence in polling stations and ballot centers during the upcoming presidential elections.

The report from the inspector general overseeing the work of the ministry, released a week before November 3, was required due to the increasing violence in the United States..The structure of the US IDB was accused of being unprepared for possible violence during the elections Over the years, electoral preparations have focused on protecting the safety of counting machines, preventing theft of electronic voter lists and threats of foreign disinformation..

The report notes that the Computer and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), generally responsible for protecting American infrastructure from both cyber threats and physical attacks, has offered state and municipal governments a wide range of support in the event of possible cyber attacks..

While the CISA action plan, created ahead of the elections, provides an appropriate response to potential cyberattacks on electoral systems in states and cities, the document “does not adequately address other elements such as physical security risks, terrorist threats and targeted violence” at polling stations, noted in the office of the inspector general.

CISA director Christopher Krebs criticized the report of the ministry’s controlling unit, saying that the document was not published at the right time, and makes readers feel “that the elections are not safe.”.

Addressing American voters, Krebs noted that his agency “can definitely update plans, use more resources and better coordinate with partners, I am confident that the work we have done to protect the 2020 elections means that your vote will be protected. and you should go and vote boldly “.

The heads of local election commissions also spoke out in defense of Krebs.

Amy Cohen, executive director of the National Association of State Election Commissions, said the report “does not fully reflect how smooth and deep the relationship between electoral commissions and the CISA is.”.