The U.S. military is trying to increase racial diversity

Does The U.S. Military Have A Diversity Problem?

The U.S. military is trying to increase racial diversity

Throughout the history of the United States, the military has become predominantly white, and this situation has changed rather slowly

WASHINGTON – With race relations at the center of attention in the U.S., the U.S. military is taking steps to make it more representative.

To counter hidden bias, the U.S. Army will no longer use photographs of soldiers in documents when considering promotions.

In particular, the Army plans to remove clauses related to race, as is already done with clauses on religion and marital status..

Earlier this month, the Marine Corps banned the public display of the Confederate flag, considered by many to be a symbol of racism. The ban applies to items such as mugs, bumper stickers and posters.

The military awaits broader guidance from Defense Secretary Mark Esper on several issues, including the possible renaming of military bases named after Confederate generals..

In his address last week, Esper expressed “pride” in the US military, which he said “embraces diversity and representativeness and rejects hatred, prejudice and discrimination in all its forms.”.

Throughout American history, the military has been largely composed of whites and men. But today they are becoming more and more diverse, as is the country they protect..

Top military leaders have been slow to pay attention to the racial makeup of the forces they command.

For example, full integration was achieved in the 1950s, but the first African American was promoted to the rank of four-star general (the highest rank in the military) only two decades later. And after Air Force General Daniel James Jr. was promoted to the rank on September 1, 1975, only 20 of the 427 four-star generals and admirals were African American..

There were no black four-star generals or women of that rank in the Marine Corps and Coast Guard. There is only one four-star general in the Space Force last year, and that’s a white man..

The first major milestone in the history of African American service in the military was June 1877, when the first African American graduated from the West Point Military Academy and was released as the first black officer..

The latter can be considered the Senate approval of Air Force General Charles Brown as the first black officer to lead the armed forces earlier this month..

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