Tikhanovskaya: elections in Belarus must be held before the adoption of a new constitution

Belarus opposition leader says new elections must be held before new constitution

This statement was made after Lukashenka's approval of the possibility of holding presidential elections after amending the country's basic law

Belarusian opposition politician Svetlana Tikhanovskaya said on Tuesday that new elections in Belarus should take place before, not after the drafting of the country's new constitution.

Answering the question about her attitude to the statement of Alexander Lukashenko that new elections could be held after the amendments to the constitution, Tikhanovskaya said that something exactly the opposite should happen..

Agreeing that it is necessary to develop a new constitution for the country, Tikhanovskaya stressed that this should be done only after the elections, and not now..

This statement was made during the joint press conference of Tikhanovskaya with the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, held in Vilnius, at the residence of the Norwegian Ambassador to Lithuania.

Earlier on Tuesday, Radio Liberty reported that Alexander Lukashenko had given interviews to representatives of a number of state-owned Russian media on that day.

“Yes, maybe I sat out a little … Maybe they show me not only from the TV, but from the iron and kettle.Tikhanovskaya: elections in Belarus must be held before the adoption of a new constitution But, indeed, only I can protect the Belarusians now, ”Lukashenka is quoted as saying by Radio Liberty.

Lukashenko to Russian media: "I just won't go away"

In its material, Radio Liberty notes: “It is not known whether the President of Belarus was asked questions about the detention of 33 Russian citizens before the elections, alleged mercenaries of Russian PMCs.. Lukashenka actually claimed that they were sent to the country to destabilize the situation. Soon after the elections, they – without comment from the Belarusian side – were released to Russia, although Ukraine demanded their extradition ".

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