Trump administration calls for schools to open in fall

Trump administration calls for schools to open in fall

The White House hosts events dedicated to the opening of schools in a pandemic

U.S. President Donald Trump is urging schools to reopen in the fall and is holding White House events on the topic on Tuesday, despite a steady rise in coronavirus cases across the country..

On Monday, Trump tweeted: “Schools should open in the fall!”

Speaking Tuesday at a White House event to reopen American schools safely, Trump said he would pressure state governors to reopen schools in the fall..

The President said that some politicians want to keep schools closed for political reasons. Trump said that he “under no circumstances” will allow this: “We will put very strong pressure on the governors and everyone else to open schools,” Reuters quoted the president as saying..

Meanwhile, the authorities of many regions, amid a new surge in infections, are scrapping previously announced plans to return to normal life..

Trump is holding a White House discussion on Tuesday about opening schools, and Vice President Mike Pence will speak with governors about it, an administration official said..

“It is extremely important that our schools open up,” the source said. “There are many different strategies schools can use to minimize risk and get back to work in a completely safe environment.”.

State and municipal governments that run schooling are trying to balance the need for education and the risk of spreading the disease ahead of the new school year.

Rising infections, especially among young people, raise fears that children will spread the disease to adults at home and at school, and older people are seen as more vulnerable.

Colleges and universities are also considering how to organize the fall semester. Some are planning schedule changes or switching to online training.

The Trump administration said on Monday that international students must leave the country if their universities go online entirely. This can lead to a reduction in the income of educational institutions.

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