Trump: America won’t close in case of second wave of coronavirus

Pres. Donald Trump: ‘We are not closing our country’ if second wave of coronavirus hits

Trump: America won't close in case of second wave of coronavirus

President warned of dangers &# 171; permanent quarantine&# 187;

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump continues to urge states to get back to normal as soon as possible, despite lingering coronavirus fears.

“I don’t think people will like it,” the president said of states where recovery is slow, speaking to reporters during a visit to a Michigan auto plant that has been converted to a ventilator..

All 50 states have announced at least partial lifting of restrictions that adversely affected the American economy.

Trump promised that in case of the second wave of coronavirus, the country will not be closed.

Speaking at the Ford plant in Ypsilanti, the president said: “Permanent quarantine is not a strategy for a healthy state and a healthy country.”.

Trump also noted that the country will face a “triumphant rebirth”.

38.6 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits in the past nine weeks.

During a meeting with African American leaders, the President said: “We must open churches, we must open a country.”.

The President said he saw parishioners trying to get into closed churches, and has already talked about this with the leadership of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention..

Trump noted that while visiting the factory, he briefly put on a mask and goggles, but “did not want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it.”.

He showed reporters a dark blue mask with the presidential emblem.

Speaking to workers, the president called for the production of drugs and medical supplies in the United States and again blames China for the pandemic.

“We’re taking back our medicines,” he said..Trump: America won't close in case of second wave of coronavirus “You can’t expect foreign states to take care of us, especially in difficult times.”.

The President also said that, despite the pandemic, plans are being developed to host the G7 summit in the United States next month..

“If we hold a summit, it will probably be in Washington, in the White House,” the president told reporters before leaving for Michigan. “But part of the summit may take place at Camp David’s residence, it’s not far away.”.

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