Trump at a briefing: “Proud guys” should not interfere with law enforcement

The US President answered questions from reporters about his attitude to radical groups

President Donald Trump, responding to persistent questions from reporters at the White House on Wednesday, said that although he is not familiar with the Proud Boys, which is classified as a group that promotes racial hatred, they should “leave” and let law enforcement take the lead.

“I don’t know who the Proud Boys are,” the president told reporters at the White House before leaving for his campaign event. “They have to leave..Trump at a briefing:'Proud guys' should not interfere with law enforcement Let the law enforcement agencies do their job “.

During a debate with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday, Trump was asked if he was prepared to condemn “white supremacists and armed groups” and tell them to step down amid the violence that darkens anti-racist protests in some US cities.

Trump asked what the specific name of such a group was, and Biden mentioned Proud Boys, an organization that calls itself “Western chauvinists.” However, the Southern Rule of Law Center, a non-profit organization that monitors the activities of white nationalists and racists, classifies Proud Boys as a racial hate group..

At that moment, the president turned to the Proud Boys with a request to “step back and be on the lookout,” which was perceived by many observers as a sign of support for this group..

South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott, who is African American, expressed the opinion that Donald Trump made a slip and urged him to correct his words.

Trump’s critics believe the president has made statements in support of racist groups on several occasions. In 2017, he said that “both sides” were to blame for the violence that unfolded on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, where clashes between white supremacists and their opponents took place, resulting in the death of one of the participants..

In parallel, Trump, in turn, called on Biden to condemn the activists of Antifa, an ultra-left movement whose followers declare their opposition to racists and often engage in clashes with the ultra-right. Biden said to this that “Antifa” is “an idea, not an organization.”.

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