Trump Brings Obamacare Fight to Courts

Trump administration takes Obamacare to the Supreme Court, claiming it is invalid

Obama-sponsored health bill cancellation, however, could be Trump’s defeat

After losing the congressional healthcare battle, President Donald Trump is now trying to solve the problem with courts.

Two federal judges in Washington recently blocked some elements of Trump’s health agenda. These include job requirements for some Medicaid members and new health plans for small businesses that are not required to provide the full benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act..

The largest case, however, was in Texas, where a federal judge ruled in December that the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional and should be completely repealed..Trump Brings Obamacare Fight to Courts This decision is currently being appealed..Trump Brings Obamacare Fight to Courts At the insistence of the White House, the Justice Department recently announced that it will support the position of the Texas judge and will advocate for Obamacare to become fully part of history..

The problem for Trump is that this trial could take months or more, and there is no guarantee that he will get the desired results by the 2020 elections..

“Was this a good week for the Trump administration?” Asks economist Gail Wilenski, who led the Medicare program under Republican President George W. Bush. And he replies: “No, but this is the beginning of a series of legal proceedings.”.

Cases are in the early stages, but “the clock is ticking,” says Timothy Jost, a retired law professor who has been monitoring the Obama health law since the beginning..

“By the time all of these cases go through the courts, the administration simply won’t have time to fix the mess it has caused, let alone push a comprehensive plan through Congress,” adds Jost, who supports the Affordable Care Act..

In the Texas case, Trump’s victory could lead to his defeat.

If the health care bill passed by former President Barack Obama is reversed altogether, Congress will be faced with the daunting task of adopting a comprehensive health care reform to replace it that both Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could agree to..

A failed attempt to repeal Obamacare in 2017 backfired on Republicans in Congress in last year’s midterm elections, and they are not in the mood for a repeat.

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