Trump congratulates Jews on Hanukkah

Trump signs Anti-Semitism order at Hanukkah event

Trump congratulates Jews on Hanukkah

In his address, the President noted that relations between the United States and Israel &# 171; stronger than ever&# 187;

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump congratulate Jews in the United States, Israel and other countries on Hanukkah.

“More than two thousand years ago, the brave Maccabees conquered the sacred Temple in Jerusalem, winning a victory in the name of the Jewish people and their faith. They proudly lit the menorah to re-consecrate the Second Temple.Trump congratulates Jews on Hanukkah And although the oil that they had at their disposal was supposed to last only one day, thanks to divine providence, the fire miraculously burned for eight nights, “Trump recalled the story of the holiday..

“As the Jewish community comes together to celebrate this special and sacred time of year, we are reminded of God’s message of hope, mercy and love,” the message says. “For the next eight days, each candle that is lit on the menorah will signal the world that freedom and justice will always shine brighter than hatred and oppression.”.

The President called Israel “one of the most dear allies and friends” of the United States, noting that relations between the two countries are “stronger than ever.”.

“We will continue to support the Jewish people in defending the God-given right to worship [Him] freely and openly,” the message says..

“While our Jewish brothers and sisters gather at the menorah every night, we pray for the ever-memorable and blessed Festival of Lights. May the unity of family and friends, your hearts, fill the light of the menorah with happiness and a renewed sense of faith, ”reads the address, which ends with the congratulation“ Happy Hanukkah! ”

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