Trump congratulates the US military on Christmas

WATCH: Trump calls troops on Christmas Eve

The President noted the families of military personnel, naming them &# 171; the most wonderful people on earth&# 187;

On Sunday, Christmas Eve, US President Donald Trump held a videoconference with American military personnel, during which he thanked them for their service and the families of the military for their sacrifices..

“I want to wish everyone a very, very Merry Christmas,” the president said. – We can proudly say “Christmas” again.Trump congratulates the US military on Christmas We will have a wonderful year. This will be an incredible year. I am delighted to convey congratulations on behalf of the First Lady, on behalf of my entire family and – most importantly – on behalf of the American people..Trump congratulates the US military on Christmas Today and every day, we are incredibly grateful to you and your families. You have amazing families. They are always underestimated, military families, but they are the most wonderful people on earth. “.

Trump’s phrase that it is possible to say “Merry Christmas” again in his presence can be interpreted as the fact that the predecessors of the current president did not say it.

However, MSNBC has published a video of Barack Obama, who repeatedly said “Merry Christmas” during his presidency..

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