Trump demanded that Pennsylvania return to normal activities

Trump demanded that Pennsylvania return to normal activities

President Holds Yet Another Open Air Rally With Thousands Of Supporters Amid Rising State COVID-19 Incidence

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Donald Trump calls for Pennsylvania to return to normal operations at a time when the state is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases.

“What the hell is going on in Pennsylvania?” Trump asked a rally at Erie International Airport in the western part of an important undecided state ahead of the November 3 general election.

Expressing disappointment at the restrictions imposed by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolff due to the pandemic, the president said that “Pennsylvania has been closed for a long time.”.

“Demand your governor to open Pennsylvania,” Trump said.

The number of state residents hospitalized for COVID-19 has doubled in the past four weeks, but is still at least three times less than the peak of late April.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence frequently campaign in a state deemed critical to their election victory in two weeks.

President made it clear on Tuesday that he considers Pennsylvania the key to his re-election..

“If we win in Pennsylvania, we win overall,” he told the audience..

Wolff criticized Trump’s campaign for “unsafe rallies that put Pennsylvania residents at risk” of coronavirus infection.

Pennsylvania-born Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden also visited the state frequently, but followed social distancing guidelines by minimizing the number of participants and requiring them to wear masks..

Biden had no campaign events on Tuesday, stayed in Wilmington, Delaware.

Addressing the thousands of supporters in Erie who stood shoulder to shoulder, Trump said he didn’t expect to have to campaign in the city this year..

“I must honestly say that I had absolutely no intention of coming,” the president said. “But then this plague attacked us, and I had to get to work.”.

During his 56-minute speech in Erie, the president said that the US government is “crushing the virus”, that the situation in the country is much better than in Europe, and the pandemic is “ending.”.

Biden has repeatedly accused the president of deliberately downplaying the danger of illness, calling Trump’s behavior “close to crime.”.

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