Trump expects other countries to join Israel-UAE deal

Trump announces peace deal between Israel, UAE

Agreement signing ceremony to be held at the White House next week

US President Donald Trump said that another country may join the diplomatic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates in the near future.

An agreement signing ceremony will be held in Washington next Tuesday with the participation of the delegations of Israel and the UAE.

The two countries agreed last month to normalize relations. The deal was negotiated through the Trump administration.

“Next week, at the White House, an agreement will be signed between the UAE and Israel, and we could include another country in it..Trump expects other countries to join Israel-UAE deal And I will tell you that those who wish are lining up, “Trump said at a press conference at the White House..

“I think that in the end quite a few countries will join the agreement. Major powers will join. I spoke with the king of Saudi Arabia, we communicate. We have just started a dialogue, “he added..

Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Washington did not respond to a question about whether an ambassador or other representative of the country would attend the ceremony..

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