Trump: Mail Voting Threats Election More Than Foreign Interference

Trump: Mail-In Ballots Bigger Threat Than Foreign Interference in November

The President said what a vote is &# 171; dangerous&# 187; for the United States, while his opponent Biden welcomed the possibility of absentee voting

President Donald Trump Says Rising Mail-Ballot Papers Pose More Significant Threats To The Integrity Of The Upcoming Election Than Foreign Interference.

“The biggest threat to this election is the governors from the opposition parties controlling the ballots, millions of ballots,” Trump said at a White House press conference..Trump: Mail Voting Threats More Election Than Foreign Interference “From my point of view, this is a much greater threat than other countries, because much of what was said about other countries turned out to be untrue.”.

US intelligence officials warned China, Iran and Russia are trying to influence the outcome of the 2020 elections.Trump: Mail Voting Threats Election More Than Foreign Interference They also claimed that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections..

Many states have expanded mail-order voting options due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ten states send out ballots to voters, while others send out absentee ballot forms.

“This is very dangerous for our country,” Trump said, commenting on the situation with the ballots, which are sent without appropriate statements. – And you know, who knows this better than others? Democrats “.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden welcomed mail-order voting as a way to secure voter turnout during the coronavirus pandemic.

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