Trump: Mass Mail Voting May Require Re-Vote

President Donald Trump attempts to claim election victory as several states still count ballots

Trump: Mass Mail Voting May Require Re-Vote

President warned again of threat of mailing ballot fraud

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that the massive shift to mail-order voting in the November presidential election could cause so many problems that it may have to re-vote..

Trump has said several times before that mail-order voting, which is encouraged in many states in connection with the pandemic, will lead to electoral fraud..

Trump has no authority to postpone elections. There was never a second vote across the country in the United States, including during the Civil War, the Great Depression and the two world wars.

“The election will ultimately be rigged or never announce a result,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday. “We’ll have to do it again, and nobody wants that.”.

According to experts, due to the epidemiological situation, up to half of the ballots in November can be submitted by mail. In 2016, there were about a quarter of such ballots.

Trump himself votes by mail.

There are very few documented cases of mail ballot fraud in the United States, as well as cases of electoral fraud in general..

Most states plan to mail ballots only to voters who request them. Some states regularly send ballots to all registered voters. A number of states, including California and Nevada, plan to do so on an exceptional basis just ahead of the November elections..

“Absentee voting is fine, but universal absentee voting will be a disaster,” the president warned.

Late last month, Trump admitted the possibility of postponing the election, but the idea met with criticism from both Democrats and Republicans..

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