Trump pledges not to veto U.S. Postal Service funding bill

House approves additional Postal Service funding while Trump threatens veto

On Wednesday, during a press conference, the president also commented on the agreement between Israel and the UAE and the upcoming sale of the TikTok app.

President Donald Trump said Thursday he will not veto the coronavirus bill, which includes funding for the U.S. Postal Service.Trump pledges not to veto U.S. Postal Service funding bill Trump said this during a press conference at the White House.

“If we could agree on a bill, a general bill that would obviously go beyond just [funding] the Postal Service, that would be good,” Trump said speaking to reporters at the White House..

Negotiations between Republicans and Democrats on the bill on the next economic aid package in connection with the coronavirus pandemic ended in vain.

Donald Trump claims mailing ballot papers for the November 3 presidential election could lead to fraud.

Commenting on the conclusion of the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE, Trump said that the Palestinians who expressed their dissatisfaction with the conclusion of the treaty will seek peace themselves when they see more Arab countries begin to conclude such agreements with Israel..

The president stressed that Israel made a “big concession” by agreeing to suspend its annexation in the West Bank. “This is no longer being discussed at this point,” Trump said.

Touching upon another pressing issue of recent days, the upcoming sale of the Chinese video application for social networks TikTok to the American company, Trump said that any such deal should bring “significant benefits” to the United States and ensure the country “complete security. “.

Earlier, Trump issued an order banning by mid-September all transactions with the Chinese parent company of the TikTok app, Bytedance. In addition, the President welcomed the possible sale of the popular video sharing application to the American company Microsoft..

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