Trump Refuses to Testify at Senate Impeachment Court Hearings

Trump won’t testify at impeachment trial

Former President’s lawyers consider the next impeachment process a violation of the Constitution

Democratic lawmakers asked Donald Trump on Thursday to testify in the Senate impeachment case, inviting the former president to respond to accusations of incitement to rebellion. However, Trump’s adviser said the ex-president will not testify in the Senate.

Although Democrats do not have the tools to coerce Trump to testify, the Associated Press writes, Democrats will be able to use his refusal to testify as an additional argument against Trump..

Hours after the Democrats’ request was reported, Trump adviser Jason Miller said the former president would not testify, calling the impeachment trial “unconstitutional.”.Trump Refuses to Testify at Senate Impeachment Court Hearings Trump’s lawyers call Democrats’ request a “PR move”.

The Senate impeachment trial will begin on February 9. Trump, the first president to be impeached twice in the House of Representatives, is accused of inciting the January 6 riot when a crowd of supporters stormed the Capitol.

If Trump is found guilty, Senators will additionally vote to strip the former president of the right to run again.

Trump’s attorneys Bruce Castor and David Sean said the Democrats’ request is proof that “they can’t prove their charges.”.

Lawyers and many Republican senators alike believe that the impeachment trial of an out-of-office president is unconstitutional. Last week, 45 Senate Republicans voted to overturn the trial for this reason..

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