Trump said he did not ask to disperse protesters before attending church

Peaceful protesters dispersed with tear gas moments before President Trump walks to church burne…

The President also claims that the police did not use tear gas

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he did not ask to disperse the demonstrators so that he could walk to a church near the White House for a photo shoot with a Bible in his hands..

“They didn’t use tear gas,” Trump told Fox News, contrary to statements by numerous protesters and journalists. – And when I went there, I did not say that they were dispersed.Trump said he did not ask to disperse protesters before attending church I didn’t know who was there “.

On Monday evening, law enforcement dispersed demonstrators outside the Episcopal Church of St. John, after which Trump headed to the church, accompanied by senior administration officials. This happened long before the onset of the curfew, which takes effect throughout the city at 19.00.

Against the backdrop of public outrage over the incident, various explanations were given for the police’s actions. On Tuesday, police said they had responded to aggression from the demonstrators. However, media outlets claim that the measures were taken at the initiative of Attorney General William Barr, who wanted to expand the security perimeter..

Trump said that when he decided to walk to the church, no one warned him that there was a protest there. Usually to the church of St. John of the Presidents delivers a cortege.

“They said, ‘Yes sir, we will go to church.” And we went. It was very fast, “the president added..

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on Wednesday said he did not support the idea of ​​using the Insurrection Act to use the military to suppress unrest. He also regretted what he called the areas affected by the protests “a war zone.” In addition, according to Esper, he did not know that he was going to participate in a photo session at the church..

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