Twitter added warning about “glorifying violence” to Trump’s tweet

Twitter Puts Warning on Trump’s Floyd Tweet For Glorifying Violence

This is the third tweet from the president to have been interfered with by the social network.

Twitter added a tag to one of the tweets of President Donald Trump in Minneapolis, believing that the statement by the head of state violated the platform’s rule related to the issue of “glorifying violence”.

Trump, an avid Twitter user, has been at war with the company since the beginning of this week after social media moderators added fact-check buttons to two of the president’s tweets on mail-in voting..

The third tweet that came to the attention of the moderators was an expression of support for the Governor of Minnesota, where violent protests have been going on for three days, the reason for which was the death of African American George Floyd, who died in police custody.

At the end of the tweet, Trump added: “In case of difficulties, we will take control, but if the robberies start, the shooting will begin.”.

Twitter did not delete the post, saying that it might be in the public interest to have it. Such exceptions are made only to some elected and other government officials..Twitter added warning about'glorifying violence' to Trump's tweet However, a user viewing the Trump blog feed will have to click on the caption made by the moderators to see the original tweet..

President Donald Trump, speaking at a press briefing on Friday, defended his tweet in which he said robberies lead to gunfire.Twitter added warning about'glorifying violence' to Trump's tweet The President stressed that his words can be regarded “as a fact, and not as a statement”.

On Thursday, Trump attacked Twitter and other social networks, signing an executive order that strips the social network of the legal protections that served as the basis for free speech online..

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